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Coffee Beans "Rare" (Costa Rica) - Roasted by Colonna

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Fresh coffee beans (150g) from the Aguilera Brothers in Costa Rica. Roasted by Colonna (Bristol).

Colonna's Rare range showcases the most celebrated farms and award-winning producers. 

Fresh clean acidity and sumptuous layered honey-sweetness from this washed Pacamara.

The Aguilera brothers continue a legacy of quality with a Cup of Excellence winning-lot to their name and 60 hectares of stunning farmland in Los Robles de Naranjo. Costa Rica.

With a unique system of paying more for coffee cherries red than green, the incentive lies with the pickers to do an exquisite sort when the cherry comes to be weighed. With difficulty in accessing areas of the farmland, fewer chances would be offered for immediate selection of the ripest fruit. In this way, pickers make a better wage and only the very best cherrie make it to the mill.